Integrated Social Listening Solution

Customers are talking about you every day online. Do you know what they are saying?

Or more importantly, do you know when, and how, you should be interacting with them?

Our proprietary system, SPI’s Social Listening provides a cross media platform to listen upon online mentions across the social media web, covering popular blogs, forums, microblogs, news, social networks (Facebook, Sina Weibo, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), etc, across Asia Pacific Regions.

By listening to the buzz conversations, we can analyze brand reputation, digital presence, share of voice, customer feedback to the said brand’s products and/or campaigns, and engage their customers better.

SPI Measurement

Brands depend on social media to communicate with fans directly on a daily basis. Drawing comparisons in terms of marketing strategies between your competitors brands’ and yours are vital to the success of your social media strategy.

SPL provides in-depth analysis on each performance metrics, to support your decision making at all stages of social media marketing. SPL competitive intelligence solution is monitoring over 40 million of Facebook Brand Pages, Sina Weibo and Twitter Brand accounts on a daily basis, offering a comprehensive comparison between you and your competitors’ social media performance in a few mouse clicks.

SPI Engagement

Social media is, and has always been, brought forth and influenced by the consumer market. Their positive and negative sentiments directly affect the targeted company. For those within the consumer market that are more influential, it is important to identify and recruit such influential marketers, bet it celebrities, bloggers, professionals, or grassroot marketers. Feedback is highly encouraged by the consumer market, and such feedback from prominent influencers are of no exception.

SPI Strategy & Optimization

As customers are the vehicle that makes or breaks a company, the primary motivation in terms of strategizing an approach is to fruitfully bridge relations between online advertising and the dynamic environment of social media. As such, our company’s strategy incorporates social listening, measurement, and strategic analysis. This is the penultimate step in promoting you, the client, and your company, to the prospective, ever-changing social environment of today, and tomorrow.

Our analysis report is organized in such a way to ensure maximum usage of the social media platform, vehicle, and user message content. In short, our strategy serves to execute the most cost-effective strategy which utilizes social media based on the consumer market.